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Can I create an automation to equally distribute the budget across all the ads within an ad set?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to control the budget at an ad level, so you can’t set up an automation to do this.

We do have a workaround for you, though 🤓

You can ensure each ad has the same budget if each ad set only has one ad in it. This ensures that the ad set budget is allocated to the single ad entirely.

How much data do I need to have to select a metric for an automation tactic?

For prebuilt automation tactics, the relevant event needs to have been triggered at least once in order to select a metric for a tactic. For custom automations, however, any metric can be selected whether or not the event has been triggered before.

Can I see the audience size and potential reach of an audience before launching it?

While you can’t see the audience size and potential reach before launching a new one using the Audience Launcher, you can find this information once launched in the Audience Studio when clicking on Top Audiences in the 360-degree Account Audit submenu. 

Audience size highlighted in the audience mixer.

It’s important to note that the actual audience size is only determined by your targeted location and ad set settings in Facebook after you’ve launched it.

How much data do I need to use ABO on new ad sets?

Your ad set needs to spend enough to be able to drive results before the ABO can optimize it. The definition of enough would depend on the cost per event selected as an optimization event before the automation kicks in. If not enough budget is spent, the ad set is considered immature and not ready to be optimized.

When should I cancel my other tracking software subscription when signing up for MCT?

Madgicx offers a two-week free trial to give you enough time to test and see it tracks everything properly. Only then do we recommend canceling your other tracking subscription.

How often does the AI Marketer generate new recommendations?

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