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How does Madgicx classify frequency?

The software will break down the number of visits of website visitors into three levels: infrequent, occasional, and frequent.

Depending on your data, Madgicx AI will sort and categorize these segments. i.e., if you have lots of data and a high-frequency user base that visits your site 100+ times over a relatively short time period, this will skew your segmentation higher. Vice versa for newer sites with a smaller user base.

What is the difference between high/medium/low intent?

Madgicx’s software breaks down the group of website visitors into three classifications: High Intent, meaning the visitor took an action that indicates their intention to purchase; Medium Intent, meaning the visitor took an action that indicates they are mid way through the buyer journey (but not ready to make a purchase); and Low Intent, which refers to visitors who did not show any specific intention to purchase.

Examples of high intent visitors include people that didn’t make a purchase but made progress towards this event by adding items to cart, filling out payment information, etc.

Examples of medium intent visitors include people that didn’t make a purchase but gave their personal information to sign up for a newsletter or request you contact them.

Examples of low intent visitors include people that visited your website and left or those that read your blog articles (but didn’t give you any personal information).

How does Madgicx classify monetary value (AOV)?

The software breaks down the average order value (AOV) into three levels: low (silver), medium (gold), and high (platinum). The classification depends on the different purchase orders you get from your customers.

For example, if you sell clothing which ranges from $5 to $100 per order, your classification will look something similar to:

  • Low (silver): purchase order of $5-37
  • Medium (gold): purchase order of $38-68
  • High (platinum): purchase order of $69-100

What are eRFM Audiences?

eRFM (engagement Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value) audiences are Madgicx's AI audiences. A key feature of eRFM audiences is their special ability to continuously optimize. The AI will analyze an audience over 24 hours and determine which events are most suitable to optimize for. Then, using the data collected from the event, it will create a lookalike with slight changes in recency, frequency, and monetary value. eRFM audiences are tailor-made to your account, which makes them likely to outperform other audiences.

The AI will run these duplicates anywhere from 1-3 days. Once it's done, the software will pick the top-performing audience and use it for the desired ad set. When the algorithm creates a fully optimized audience, it will automatically label the audience on the Ads Manager as Optimized.

The eRFM audiences are divided into the Customer Module for purchase conversions and the Visitor Module for visitor conversions.

All of the values are dynamic, so they are relative to your account.

What is the “Visitor Module”?

There are visitors who are more valuable to your business than others. Some visitors leave after a couple of seconds, whereas others deeply engage with your page and show high intent to perform the desired action.

When you select the Frequent High AOV Potential Visitor audience, for example:

  • The software will start by creating an audience based on the broadest parameters: visitors (audience one)
  • From visitors, it may then optimize from the first audience to create a second audience of visitors who have visited multiple times or have spent a significant amount of time on your page
  • From audience two, if the size of the audience is large enough, it will then create a third, even more specific audience; for example, it may optimize for an audience of visitors who have visited multiple times AND have spent a significant amount of time on your page
  • The system will continue to optimize to get as specific as possible, slimming the audience down to be have a higher frequency visit and AOV, until the audience is no longer large enough to deliver
  • For future reference, all audiences will be labeled as Optimized, so that you can find them later

What happens to my likes and comments when launching existing ads with Madgicx?

When launching existing ads, Madgicx will preserve the existing comments and reactions to your ads. If you happen to have an ad running with multiple IDs, we'll use the ad ID with the most reactions and comments.

This is extremely valuable since ads with many likes and comments help build rapport and social proof for your business.

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