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What does IM mean in the grading system?

"IM" means "information missing". This notice means the algorithm doesn't have enough data to optimize yet. It'll get optimized once Madgicx collects more data. ”IM” is displayed when the ad spend is lower than $10 over the last 10 days.

How does the “Simulate Impact” feature work?

“Simulate Impact” demonstrates how Madgicx expects the budget will change if you turn on the strategy. It does not show any predictions for performance or factors in any previous performance.

How can I calculate my breakeven ROAS?

You need to know your numbers. To calculate your breakeven ROAS, you need to take all your production costs into consideration: shipment, manufacturing, materials, etc. These are referred to as the costs of goods sold or COGS. 

Then, you need to calculate your profit margin:

Profit margin = Product selling price - COGS (cost of goods sold)

Finally, to calculate the breakeven ROAS, you can follow this formula:

Breakeven ROAS formula

Usually, you want your campaigns to have a higher ROAS than your breakeven point.

How does the Autonomous Budget Optimizer’s grading system work?

The grading is the complex score based on the metrics you select in the strategy configuration. Each metric has its own weight depending on the position (higher = more). The better the results of the ad set according to the strategy configuration, the better the grading.

Autonomous Budget Optimizer grading system

What else can Sparkle do?

Sparkle is well-versed in multimedia designs like social media ads, banner ads, display ads, GIFs, thumbnails, blog images, emailers, email signatures, event invitations, newsletters, e-book covers and layouts, custom illustrations, NFTs, icons, infographics, flyers & posters, landing pages, packaging & labels, podcast covers, Point of Sale materials, slide and presentation decks, print ads, demo videos, animation, product videos, and more.

Can I have a designated designer for my account?

In general, your dedicated designer is always assigned to you. However, since our designers are working in different time zones, there may be times when we need to reassign the project to another designer, especially if the project is time-sensitive.

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