Master the Art of Budget Protection with Madgicx

In a world where we automate almost everything (hell, I even let an AI tool write this description), why don't you automate your Facebook ads?

Join us for a webinar that will equip you with the tools to ensure you're not burning money on losing ads anymore.

In this session, Dani, our VP of Success and Professional Services, will show you how Madgicx's comprehensive automations can streamline your advertising efforts and help you achieve a better ROI.

Dani will guide you through the basic automation setup every advertiser must have and show you how to do it with Madgicx in minutes.

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Are you prepared for Q4?

42 min

Sep 12, 2023

In this webinar, Dani uncovers the immense potential of Q4, revealing essential strategies for testing creative and audiences ahead of the Q4 rush, structuring your ad account for Q4, and mastering automation. Plus, learn how ChatGPT can sprinkle some magic on your ad copy, ensuring your campaign sleighs throughout the festive period!

How to build your dream reporting dashboard?

41 min

Aug 7, 2023

In this information-packed session, Dani will walk you through the process of designing and tailoring a dashboard that perfectly aligns with your business goals. You'll learn the importance of focusing on key metrics, how to visualize data effectively, what KPIs you should be looking at in 2023, and the best practices for sharing insights across your organization.

UGC Ads: The Holy Grail of Marketing

69 min

Jul 5, 2023

Join us for an epic webinar that will change how you approach advertising. Madgicx presents an exclusive event featuring digital marketing legend Philipp Schoeffmann. Get ready to dive into the world of User-Generated Content (UGC) ads and discover why they are the ultimate growth hack you've been waiting for.

Audit your Facebook ad account in less than 30 mins

45 min

Jun 7, 2023

Discover how to ace Facebook ad account audits in just 30 minutes using Madgicx. Identify weaknesses, unlock opportunities, and optimize targeting, budget, ad creatives, and more. Perfect for marketers at any level.