How to create multi-channel dashboards with One-Click Report

Create performance dashboards with:

  • Multi-channel reporting
  • Modifiable templates
  • Real-time data

With One-Click Report, you can:

  • Use the tool as your primary dashboard to get a clear view of your day-to-day performance across different advertising channels
  • Create professional-looking and useful reports as a small or medium-sized business without spending huge money on data analysts
  • Take advantage of templates to gain insight into what metrics the industry leaders look at and how they organize their reports
  • Save yourself hours of data compilation work so that you can make better marketing decisions faster
  • Quickly share the data with your team and/or clients

Everyone needs to track how their marketing efforts work and measure them against their KPIs. You can generate professionally-designed reports within Madgicx without having to use other tools and in just one click.

To start creating reports, you first need to connect your data sources. The color of the circle to the left of the account name indicates whether the account is connected. Red means you need to connect, and green means the account is connected.

Take advantage of templates ⏩

Click “Create Report,” and you will be offered a selection of 10 different templates that are based on the ones industry-leading marketing agencies create for their clients. The templates are designed to impress visually, showing all of the major metrics and looking without you spending any effort.

The templates are segmented based on your data sources. These can be from individual platforms (e.g., just a report on your Facebook ads) or multi-channel (e.g., a report that includes data from Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics). 

You can select a template depending on the questions you want the report to answer.

You can modify the reports, add and remove metrics, and even create your own report tailored to your needs from scratch. We’ll focus on how to modify a template to your needs.

Once you have selected the template, choose the account(s) you want to generate a report for.

Don’t forget to select the time frame you want to generate the report for. For “Informer” widgets, the timeframe will be used to show the trend compared to the previous period.

Add or remove metrics

Navigate lower to the white space at the bottom of the report, click the “+”, and drag and drop the widget you’d like to add. You can then modify your choice of metric and customize the charts.


Click on the “Edit” button in the top-right corner to add widgets to an existing report. If this button says “👁️ View”, you’re already in the editor.

To delete a widget, hover over it and look for the “x” in its top-right corner. Click the “x” to remove the widget from the report.

Customize your charts 📊

You can change how the data you want to show is visualized, whether that be as one of several types of widget:

  • Line graph
  • Informer
  • Area graph
  • Bar chart
  • Table
  • Pie chart
  • Goal completion graph

You can also add custom text to your reports. 

Set and change the metric for your chosen widget at any time in the General section of the left-hand sidebar. You can also change the title, subtitle, and appearance of each widget in this sidebar.

See the metrics for an account across a single ad platform or several platforms by selecting “Blended Metric”, adding the relevant ad platforms and selecting the KPI you want to see the blended metric for. 

Create reports for all your accounts 📝

If you have several ad accounts connected to Madgicx, you can compare how each is doing against one another across set KPIs.

To compare accounts, select the accounts from the list and click the “Next” button in the top right.

You can always add more accounts later on to see their performance against your chosen metrics.

Then select the metric you want to compare accounts against and choose the accounts you want to compare.

Share with whoever you need 🔗

Sharing the report has never been easier, and you can even share with people that don’t have access to Madgicx through a:

  • Public link
  • Downloadable PDF

All of your reports get saved automatically, so you can load them up and see the data you want for the timescale you select at any point.

Difference with Facebook Ads Manager

One-Click Report makes you a better media buyer because it saves you time with data views that are not shown in Facebook Ad Manager.

Facebook Ads Manager Madgicx
No multi-channel reporting Combine data from different ad platforms (channels) to see blended metrics
Minimal visual dashboard customization 7 different ways to present data on your most important KPIs
Maximum 3 metrics Compare 4+ metrics on a single graph
Only share with team members Can share report using a public link
Limited data visualization in line and bar charts only Templates available showing metrics industry-leading advertisers look at
No goal tracking Set and track goals
Create dashboard

See data from different channels and combine it for a better understanding of overall performance, including:

  • MER: total revenue divided by total spend
  • Net profit tracking: e-shop revenue minus ad spend and COGS
  • Set and view goals and baseline targets

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