Your ad copy is critical and can make all the difference when it comes to closing a sale. However, as a media buyer, identifying which ad copy works and which doesn’t can feel like fumbling in the dark.

Well, Madgicx is here to help 🙌 With Ad Copy Insights, you can easily see which ad copy increases profitability and should be replicated.

Ad Copy Insights is a powerful tool that not only analyzes your existing ad copy across your ad account but also identifies your best-performing copy for the audience you want to reach. Using this powerful tool takes the heavy lifting away from you, leaving the optimization up to Madgicx. You can find Ad Copy Insights in the 360° Meta Audit screen on the far right of the menu at the top of the screen.

Madgicx analyzes all the copy that goes into your ads, including your text, emojis, links, and phrases. The data-led insights it produces help you make informed decisions when it comes to running your ads. Our dashboard offers a visual representation of your most complex ad data, making it easy for you to plan your next move. Madgicx does that for you too. 

🏆 Pro Tip: Using Ad Copy Insights along with the Creative Insights tool will help you outperform your competitors. It allows you to mix and match your best-performing copy and creative to create high-impact ads that are primed for profitability.

Getting started with Ad Copy Insights

Let’s start with how to read the widgets on the Ad Copy Insights dashboard. 

First, you should select a date range for the ad copy you want to view at the top right. 

Then adjust the min. and max. spend to control which pieces of copy are displayed. Adjusting the spend helps you zoom in and out to analyze your performance in depth. 

Ad Copy Insights select date range

Min spend: Setting this lets you only view the performance of copy assets that got enough budget to drive results. 

Max. spend: Meta tends to spend most of the ad set's budget on a single ad, while the rest get very little spend or none at all. Therefore, you might have a huge spend discrepancy between pieces of copy. This means you may see a lot of copy elements on the chart in the Getting Started area without any ability to analyze their performance. So, if you want to understand how they perform, you need to zoom in on them using the max. spend limit.

Below you have a visual graph of your ad copy where you can see how each one ranks at a glance - the Assets Chart.

See how your ad copy performs on the Assets Chart.

How to read the Assets Chart

Bottom left - Getting started or fresh ad copy 🐣

In this area, you’ll see the ads that have just started. They need more time to spend their ad budget for Madgicx to determine their profitability. Next, fill out the numbers in the spend field of the budget range you want to look at. Then you can zoom into each copy asset to see which ones are scalable.

Bottom right - Overspenders 🤑

These copy assets are budget hogs. As a result, they spend a lot and don’t perform well. You should consider reducing the budget or pausing these ads in favor of your high-performing ones.

Top left - Scalable 💎

These are your copy gems! They have a high return on investment and cost very little to deliver. They’re your A-Team and should either be duplicated or have their budget increased. 

Top right - Core Performers 🦾

These are your hard workers. Therefore, they spend most of your ad budget yet deliver consistent results. 

🏆 Pro Tip: The sweet spot to aim for is around the white diagonal. When your ad copy is positioned here, it means your budget is well-invested based on your performance.
Spot your ad copy that is overspending your budget.

In the example image above, the ad copy on the far right has dropped into the overspend section. Similarly, the ad in the middle appears in the overspend section. When this happens, it’s a good idea to reduce the ad budget or pause them. 

You can find these ads by going to Ads Manager 2.0.

Reveal meaningful data using sort by 

Sort your ad copy by revenue and spend.

Over here, you can view your ad copy data according to the following:

  1. Order of creation
  2. Revenue - high first
  3. Revenue - low first
  4. Amount spent - high first
  5. Amount spent - low first

You can check performance by ad spend, revenue, or in the order that the ad copy was created. When you choose ‘Revenue - high first’, you’ll see the ads that pull in the most revenue and select the high-performers. Then you can pick ‘Amount spent - low first’ and see ad copy you selected is the most economical. Go through the process again and use ‘Revenue - low first’ and compare it to ‘Amount spent - high first’ to identify your poorest performing ad copy.

By playing around with these settings, you can isolate and identify which ad copy is profitable and budget efficient. 

View and compare all ad copy performance 👁️

Click on ‘All pieces of copy’ on the top left for a deeper look at each ad copy element. 

How to see all copy elements in one view.

In this widget, you’ll see even more performance metrics for each one, including ROAS, Amount Spent, Revenue, and Usage. By clicking the arrows at the top of each column, you can sort the different metrics to identify which ad copy elements to replicate because of their performance.  

List of all your ad copy elements.

You’ll see which ad copy is leaking precious budget or overspending. You can also see how often this ad copy element is used. In addition, if a piece of copy is used in multiple ads, it’s a better indication that the results are conclusive.   

Accordingly, this information helps you write or brief your ad copy according to what is already working well with your audience. It also lets you keep a tight rein on profitability so you can pause low-performers or scale your gems 💎

Get down to the nitty gritty with Smart Filter 🧠

Drilling down to see performance breakdowns is easy! Using Madgicx’s Smart Filter, you can see specific performance metrics by demographics, country, device, placement, and funnel stage. You can even see emoji and link performance and compare ad copy length to know which copy elements work best for your audience.

This powerful tool helps you

🍽️ Serve your audience segment the copy that they resonate with the most to drive more sales

🔮 Take the guesswork out of writing or briefing your copy so you know which wording, links, and emojis aid conversion

💸 Identify top-performing ad copy to boost profitability, so you stop leaking budget on low-performers

For example, you can see what ad copy works best for 18-24-year-olds versus what performs for the 65+ age group. As you may think, they’re not likely to be the same.

Play around with the Smart Filter to find your best-performing copy by the audience segment you want to look at. 

Discover the best ad copy length 📏

You can break down your ad copy into short, medium, or long formats. As a rule, you should test all copy-length formats to learn which ones perform best for your audience and increase revenue. Then, you can write your next ad copy at that length. 

The account in the image below has very little short copy, which means they might be missing out on good opportunities. They have barely tested any short copy, so we don’t have enough data to determine whether it’s profitable or not.

Comparison view of short, medium, and long ad copy.

If we look closely, the long copy is performing slightly better than the medium copy, as the medium copy costs a percentage more than the revenue it brings in, while the long format costs two percentages less than its revenue. 

As mentioned above, we need to test all ad copy length formats to find the copy length that works best for your ad account. We should consider writing more long copy and start testing short copy for our next ads.

See which emojis affect revenue 💸 

Using emojis in your ads is a surefire way to leverage performance. However, you may still be on the fence about this. The best way to find out is to test it and see! This way, you can use data to inform the decision. Our Emoji Performance tracker tells you whether or not using emojis increases revenue and even identifies which ones perform best.

View emoji effectiveness and your top emojis.

View how links in your primary text perform 👀

Similarly, Link Performance compares the spend and revenue for ad copy with and without links in the primary text. It also shows your most profitable links. You can see in the image below that this ad account has not tested ad copy with links in their ads. 

See how using links in your primary text performs.

It’s critical to sufficiently test your ad copy elements to ensure you have enough data to determine definitive results. We should try using more links in the primary text to see. 

Use AI Tags for deeper insight 🧠

The AI Tags widget at the bottom of the page is one of the features we’re super proud of. AI algorithms tag language elements that drive performance across different audiences so you can easily see which words sell 💰

Tags are created using the latest computer vision technology and sorted by their revenue and spend metrics. These are categorized by the different word types and their relevance to the ad account. 

See your best performing tags and phrases.

Next to each segment, you’ll find the exact number of ads that contain this tag and how much revenue and spend is allocated to the ones using that specific tag word. Consequently, this helps you determine whether using this wording has improved your performance. 

By identifying these tags, you know what subjects are relevant to your audience and which words to include to resonate more with them. As a result, you can test using this copy in your next ads to see if they produce even better results. 

If you click “See All Tags,” you’ll get to a screen where you can view all AI tags within each category. You can easily compare them from here and see which ones perform best for you so you know which wording to use in your ad copy.

View a full list of all tags and phrases on your account.

Identify phrases that consistently produce results 🔍

The Top Phrases widget identifies your most profitable words and phrases and how much budget is spent on the ads that contain them. Use this to choose your most effective phrases and scale them, or stop using underperforming phrases.

View your top phrases and wording used in your ad copy.

As with the other widgets, you can click on See All Tags at the top and be taken to the full list of phrases used on your account and their metrics for comparison. By learning more about which phrases generate the most revenue, you can write or brief in your ad copy, knowing what works.

Difference with Facebook Ads Manager

Ad Copy Insights helps you make informed creative decisions about the copy you use in your ads. It doesn’t just allow you to drill down to each copy element and compare performance week-on-week, but it also ensures you have an ad copy strategy that drives profitability. Madgicx builds on Facebook Ads Manager’s function but offers much more meaningful data at your fingertips.

Facebook Ads ManagerMadgicx
Simple copy performance data by adComprehensive account-wide performance insights on all copy elements
Can’t compare key ad copy elementsSee which emojis, links, and small, medium, and long-form copy perform best
No data visualization for copy performance trendsSee your ad copy performance data in an easy-to-understand and interactive visual graph
No AI-driven dataAI tags to easily identify which words and phrases bring in the most revenue
Limited segmentationData segmentation on steroids when you use our Smart Filter

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