Constantly create converting ads with the Creative Workflow

Simplify your creative process from start to finish using our Creative Workflow so you can:

  • Browse thousands of ads for creative inspiration
  • Produce better quality creatives for your ads
  • Reduce time and costs spent on creative production
  • Easily test new ideas
  • Make data-driven decisions based on performance results
  • Do it all from one place - inside Madgicx

What is the Creative Workflow? 

Since the iOS14 update and the challenges brought about by the privacy and tracking restrictions, we know that the best way to stand out from the crowd is with thumb-stopping creatives. 

Enter the Creative Workflow, a set of tools designed to improve the efficiency of this critical process. We’ve got your back with an enjoyable workflow from inspiration to launch that will reduce production time and costs. Not only that, you can do it all from within the Madgicx app.

Yet, this isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. We know that each business has different creative processes. Therefore, we’ve crafted a workflow where you can decide how to use it and how much of it to apply based on your specific needs.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Browse thousands of ads for inspiration with Ad Library ⚡

You can search for ad inspiration and spot new trends by browsing the Madgicx Ad Library. In addition, you can see what your favorite brands, businesses in your niche, and competitors are doing.

Madgicx Ad Library page.

With so many filter options available, you can drill down to specifics to find the type of ads you want to see. 

Madgicx Ad Library with the filter options.

When you find an ad you like, save it to your board for later or share it with your design team. Better yet, you can create and send a design brief directly from the tool (more about that in a bit). 

Ad Library is free forever if you just want to browse inspiration for days. If you wish to save ads to boards, you can try it for free for 7 days and then upgrade your plan to include the add-on for just $9 per month.

Get Designed-for-you creatives in 48 hours with Sparkle ✨

As you know, creative production teams can be costly, and it’s time-consuming to brief your design team. Our solution? Outsource it to Sparkle, our team of experienced multimedia designers. 

View of the task discussion on the Sparkle page where you can chat with your designer and receive your files.

Sparkle is an add-on to the Madgicx app to streamline your creative production by bringing in the big guns. The Sparkle team is highly experienced in ad creation as well as all other types of creative that brands need. We’ve simplified this process inside Madgicx to help you create thumb-stopping content that improves the performance of your ads. 

Ad with the Sparkle button highlighted.

You can send a detailed brief directly from the app from either the Ad Library or the Sparkle page and expect it back within 48 hours (this depends on the complexity of your brief). Moreover, you can have a designated designer on your account if you like their work, but this depends on availability and urgency. 

Sparkle brief popup from inside the  Madgicx Ad Library.

Additionally, you can create new design requests, track and manage existing tasks, and request revisions from the Sparkle page inside Madgicx. Furthermore, you have unlimited revisions - all of this is included in the price of your plan. It’s important to note that you can only have 3 open tasks at a time. 

Sparkle tool where you can add brand kits, see your open and closed tasks, manage design requests and  create new ones highlighted.

Once you’re happy with the design, you can download your files or launch your ads directly from Madgicx. 

Confirmation message that your creative has been uploaded to your account with an 'Open Ads Creation' link.

You can try Sparkle for free for 7 days, and after that, you can select one of the three plans on offer:

  1. Graphics Only - Fill your everyday design needs from ads to social media posts and more for $333 per month
  2. Sparkle Auto Ads - Get 4 ads every month - graphics, videos, or both for $399 per month
  3. Unlimited Graphics + Videos - Access all types of creatives to level up your brand - from GIFs to motion graphics for $777 per month

Launch new creatives straight from Madgicx 💥

Once the design is approved, it’s uploaded to your media library in the Meta Ads Manager and is accessible directly from Madgicx. You can click the ‘Open Ads Creation’ link in the confirmation pictured above, or you can find the ‘Create New Ad’ tab in the ‘Creatives’ menu.

Madgicx Ad creation tool where your new creatives will be saved so you can launch your ads easily.

Your new creatives will appear in either the highlighted Image or Video library in the image above. Next, you build your ad and launch it!

Being able to create new ads in a snap means you can test your creatives so much more easily, plus you can build data-driven ads and launch them in a few clicks. All from one place.

Use Creative Insights to gather data and complete the flow 🎡

Now, we get to the crucial step in the process - data analytics. With Creative Insights, you can optimize your creative production even more.

Creative Insights showing missing creative format.

This powerful tool evaluates your ad account to see if you’re missing any creative formats, like images, videos of differing lengths, or carousels. You can then look for inspiration in the Ad Library and ask Sparkle to design it.

Creative Insights also helps you analyze the performance of your creatives to understand what works and what doesn’t for each audience segment. 

Creative Insights showing the Creative Matrix which analyzes the performance of your creatives and shows you what's working and what isn't.

The most beautiful thing about Creative Insights is that it can be the start or end of the flow. You can also use it to monitor and optimize your creatives as you go. 

In short, it closes the circle of our flow 💫

Creative Insights is included in the Madgicx All-in-One plan, which you can try for free for 7 days.

Difference with Facebook

While Facebook has some of these components, the Creative Workflow pulls it all together into a fun-to-use and simple process - however you use it or wherever you start.

Facebook Ads ManagerMadgicx
Cannot filter by industry or ad types like carousels, images, and short versus long video formatsEnhanced filtering options that let you spot trends, spy on businesses and brands in your niche, and plug missing content holes
Cannot save ads to boards in Meta Ad LibrarySave ads you like to boards that you can share with your design team or anyone else or brief Sparkle
No ability to prepare and send a design briefCreate detailed briefs and send them to Sparkle in a few clicks
You can assign access to other users you define to help manage ads, but no way to outsource creative workManage your ads and send design briefs from the same place. Get creatives in 48 hours with Sparkle’s professional designers
Have to upload creatives to launch new ads manuallyCan launch creatives straight from Madgicx using the Ad Creation tool - they’re already in your Meta Ad Account media library
No easy way to tell which ad formats are missing or collate meaningful data to optimize your creatives It’s easy to find meaningful data you need to optimize your creatives and spot missing ad formats

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