Get creative inspiration on tap with Ad Library

Ad creation just got simpler with Ad Library because you can:

  • Browse thousands of designs for inspiration for your next ad
  • See ads from your favorite brands and what competitors in your niche are producing
  • Save ads you like to boards for future reference
  • Simplify your ad creative briefing process 

Dial up your creative strategy

Madgicx’s latest tool, Ad Library, helps you do just that. It enables you to maintain your competitive edge with ad creative ideas on tap you can use as references for your next ad design. 

By browsing brands and businesses in your niche, you gain insight into the ad creative used by your competitors, as well as what’s on trend. But more importantly, you can use this as inspiration for your ad creation to produce better ads. Ad Library enables you to brief in or design better ads based on real ads in your industry.

Since the post-iOS 14 updates, media buyers know that Meta’s laser targeting capabilities have taken a hit. Lookalike audiences, for example, are now especially limited because they rely on third-party data. 

With that being said, compelling creative is where it’s at if you want your ad to stand out in the digital noise in 2023. Better ads lead to better results. Therefore, staying up to date with how your competitors and industry leaders are designing their ads is critical. 

Furthermore, having access to this information is essential when it comes to briefing in the ad creation process. 

Now, it’s at your fingertips in Madgicx with Ad Library, and creative briefs just got easier 🪄

Let’s take a look at how to use it.

Search for ad inspiration

You can find the Ad Library in the “Creatives” menu below Ad Copy Insights.

Madgicx Ad Library page

You’ll see a search box where you can type in the kind of ads you’re looking for by keyword, the “Filter” button, and the dropdown menu on the right where you can sort by most relevant to your search, newest, and oldest. For ‘Most relevant,’ the algorithm does this by searching both ad copy and Facebook page name and presents you with what it decides as the most relevant to your search. 

This functionality is helpful when searching for brands in your niche whether you enter the product category or the brand name itself.

Madgicx Ad Library with arrows pointing to the search field and the 'Most relevant' filter. The 'Filter' button is also highlighted.

If you click on the “Filter” button, a new popup appears where you can filter the results further by industry and ad formats like short, medium, and long video, image, or carousel. 

Ad Library's available filter option list.

If you click on “Industry,” you’ll be able to select categories from a list to filter the ad results even more.

Madgicx Ad Library filter options available under 'Industry'.

Click on the “Apply” button to apply your selection.

Now the Ad Library page will only show ads based on your selection so you can start browsing 👀

Save ads you like to boards for later ☝️

See a design you love? Save it to your board!

By upgrading to the paid version (only $9/month), you can save ads you like to boards to access later or share with your design team. The best part is you get unlimited boards on the paid plan which lets you create collections of ad inspiration to easily brief your designers. 

The paid version is handy for agencies and media buyers managing multiple ad accounts and needing multiple boards - think Pinterest for ad creative! 🤩 #worthit

To save an ad to your board, click on the “Save to #My favorite ads” button under the ad, or click on the arrow to open the dropdown menu to find the board you want to save the ad to.

Madgicx Ad Library page with the 'Save to #My favorite ads' button highlighted.

There, select the board where you want to save this ad and click “Apply,”. 

You can also click on the ad so that the popup with the ad details appears. At the top right of the screen, you’ll find a dropdown menu where you can choose your board to save it there.

Ad details page with 'Saved to' box highlighed with the dropdown menu where you can choose which board to save to.

Alternatively, you can create a new board by clicking the “Create Board” button but only if you’ve upgraded your plan by adding the Ad Library add-on.

View of your boards to choose from with an arrow pointing to the default '#My favorite ads' and the 'Create Board' button highlighted.


Adding new ads from the Meta Ad Library

If you find an ad that’s not included in the Madgicx Ad Library, you can easily add it to your board using a link from Meta Ad Library. 

Firstly, you need to click on the “New Ad” button on the top right of the page, and a new popup will appear.

Add a new ad link popup screen with the URL field highlighted.

Secondly, you must select your board from the dropdown menu. Then paste the link of the ad you want to add from the Meta Ad Library and click “Add” - you can upload up to 5 new links to a board at a time.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Just remember that saving to boards is accessible after you've upgraded your plan.

Create design briefs directly from the Ad Library

Sometimes, the time it takes to brief the creative idea can take as long as the designer takes to create it. IYKYK. But with Madgicx, you can do it in just a few clicks! 🖱️

Get your ads designed for you in 48 hours

If you want the pros to do it, use Sparkle to design your ad creative. 

Our team is experienced in advertising Meta products to ensure your ads adhere to the best guidelines and standards and perform well. You can send us a brief straight from the Madgicx app and expect your ad design delivered within 48 hours. 

To send a design brief to Sparkle simply click on the Sparkle icon ✨ at the top right of the ad when you hover over it.

Ad with Sparkle button highlighted in Madgicx Ad Library

You can fill out the brief form in the popup that appears where you can tell us more about what you want to promote. Then, make sure that you add the link to your website and click “Next.”

Sparkle brief popup.

That’s it! A confirmation message will show that your brief has been sent. You can then follow up on your request and check its status any time in the Sparkle tool

Sparkle page with inbox for task notifications.

Once the ad is created, it's automatically uploaded to your media library, which means you can launch it via Meta Ads Manager or directly from Madgicx - again, at the click of a button.

Sparkle offers three tiers of service:

  • Only Graphics: $333/mo.

Fill your everyday design needs from ads to social media posts and more.

  • Sparkle Auto Ads: $399/mo.

Get 4 ads every month - graphics, videos, or both.

  • Unlimited Graphics + Videos: $777/mo.

Access all types of creatives to level up your brand - from GIFs to motion graphics.

Share your favorite ads with your design team

Ad Library helps you shave off some time by letting you share a link to your board directly with your design team or anyone else - even if they don’t have a Madgicx account. As a result, they’ll have a reference for the ad creative and specs they need to create the design in one link - just add your input.

Here’s how.

You can find your board by going to the “Creatives” menu in the side menu, and you’ll see your board at the bottom of the menu.

'#My favorite ads' board link is at the bottom of the Madgics side menu.

If you click on your board, you’ll find all the ads you’ve saved. 

#My favorite ads board with the share options highlighted. Here you can also edit the board name or delete it.

Highlighted above, you see a menu arrow next to your board name. Click this to open up a dropdown where you can share the link, which copies it to your clipboard. You can then share this with your designer as long as they have a Madgicx account. 

Now, let’s take a look at one of the ads we’ve saved. Click on the ad, and a new popup will open. 

Ad details shown in the Madgicx Ad Library when you click on the info icon or more details.

Here you can zoom in on extra details about the ad, such as the page it advertises, the platforms it appears on, the landing page, format and size, tags, and creative description of the image. In other words, this information tells you the specs of how the ad should be created in the right designer lingo. Everything you need for your creative brief!

Difference with Facebook Ads Manager

Ad Library is here to enhance the efficiency of the creative process, so you have more time to focus on coming up with your next ad idea. We strive to remove the headache caused by the constant need to come up with new ad creative ideas and have them designed - all on one page.

Facebook Ads ManagerMadgicx
Ability to save your search onlySave individual ads you like to one or multiple boards for creative inspiration
No ad details that are useful for the designerAd details include all relevant specs that a designer would need to create an ad
No way to prepare a creative briefGo from inspiration to creative brief on one page
No way to share your ad search resultsCan share your board with anyone else who has a Madgicx account
Limited filtering functionalityAdvanced filtering capabilities to sort by industry, format, platform, language, and dimensions

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