Shopify permissions you need for Madgicx

To see Shopify data in Madgicx, you need access to manage apps inside the Shopify store. Moreover, you also need some standard permissions to access data.

Below is the full list of Shopify permissions you need for Madgicx:

  • General
  • Home
  • Orders
  • Draft orders
  • Products
  • Gift cards
  • Customers
  • Reports
  • Marketing
  • Discounts
  • Online store
  • Themes
  • Blog posts and pages
  • Navigation
  • Administration
  • Manage settings
  • Apps and channels
  • Manage and install apps and channels

If you’re not the admin, you won’t necessarily have these permissions and will need to get the admin to go to the Settings in the Shopify account and then add you via the “User and permissions” section.

Here’s a handy message you can copy-paste to the admin of your Shopify account:

Hey, I need permission to manage apps in our Shopify account. Could you spare a few minutes to help me out? (it’s quick and painless, promise 😉)

  1. Go to Settings (⚙️) in Shopify (bottom-right corner)
  2. Head to “Users and permissions” in the left-hand sidebar
  3. Click on my name in the list (if you don’t see me, then you will need to add me)
  4. In the “Permissions” section that appears below, make sure I have the "Manage and install apps and channels" permission, in addition to several other permissions (see which in this screenshot):

That’s it! Appreciate it if you could get this done ASAP 🙏

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