Instagram permissions you need to use Madgicx

To view data and launch ads to Instagram via Madgicx, you need permission to manage the relevant Instagram account and associate it with your ad account.

To associate an ad account with an Instagram account (page), both need to be connected to the same Meta Business Manager.

Add an Instagram account to your Business Manager

Before you can add an Instagram account to your Business Manager, you must ensure:

  • You have the username and password for the Instagram account
  • This Instagram account isn't owned by any other Business Manager
  • You have admin access to the Business Manager

To add an Instagram account to your Business Manager:

  1. Go to Business settings > Accounts > Instagram accounts
  2. Click the blue “Add” button


  1. Click “Connect your Instagram account”
  1. Enter your Instagram username and password if necessary and continue

5. Select the ad accounts that you'd like to connect and on the next screen click “OK”

Note: If your Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page, you should add both your Facebook page and Instagram account to the same Business Manager.


If you have connected your Instagram account but haven't connected it to your ad account, you will need to add the ad account as an asset.

Head to your Instagram account list and click "Add Assets". Select the ad account you want to connect to the Instagram account in the popup that appears.

Add people to your Instagram account

Once you've added an Instagram account to your Business Manager, you can add people and assign them permissions. You'll need to add yourself to this list. If you are not the admin of the Instagram account or don’t have permissions for it but want to connect Instagram to Madgicx, you’ll need ask the admin to:

  1. Go to Business settings
  2. Click “Accounts”
  3. Click “Instagram accounts”
  4. Click “Add people”
  1. Select a person from the column on the left-hand column, then toggle on the tasks that you want to grant permissions for (Ads); a blue toggle means it's on, and gray means it's off
  1. Click “Assign”

That’s it 🙌

You can see the Instagram page in the Facebook Ad Accounts section of Settings in Madgicx.


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