While Facebook advertising is anything but one-click success, with Madgicx, companies see ROAS jump 3x:

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Madgicx is a full-stack advertising platform that plugs the proven knowledge, skills, and tactics of industry-leading marketers into AI-backed software. The platform is built by a team of professional media buyers with an ad experience that runs into hundreds of millions of dollars

Madgicx is the only advertising platform that combines insights with execution to help e-com brands and agencies manage and optimize Facebook and Google ads. It gives your paid marketing efforts a competitive edge, boosting your capabilities and saving you time so you can focus on driving more value for your business.

Check out how:

We understand that advertising and media buying is no walk in the park, so we have created a Madgicx formula to help you get the most out of your ad spend 🧙‍♂️

Learn the basics
Watch the Madgicx 101 course to learn the basics of how to set up and monitor your account. The walkthrough explains how you can optimize your performance and boost ROAS today.

Madgicx formula - step 1: audit

Your first step should be to audit your account. You need to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Carrying out an audit of your ad strategy and results will help you identify gaps in what you have been doing and indicate where to reallocate budgets.

You can start the audit of your account from Madgicx’s Facebook Dashboard. The dashboard allows you to spot if you're missing crucial audiences and allocate your budget wisely across funnel stages.

You should then dig deeper into your audience to see how your ads perform across geographies and demographics with Geo & Demo Insights. Use Geo & Demo insights to look for low-hanging fruits and as a sanity check to ensure you're not wasting money on the wrong locations and audience segments.

Check whether you distribute your budget wisely across audience types and aren't missing out on any in Targeting Insights. Compare performance between lookalikes and interest targeting, Facebook and Instagram page engagers, all website visitors and high-intent visitors (people who added items to their carts), etc., to identify your winners and reduce spend on low-performers.

Spot optimization opportunities and see where you can improve your budget optimization and bidding strategy in Auction Insights.

Madgicx formula - step 2: automation

When you have audited your account and identified areas for improvement, you’ll want to run a lot of tests, and you’ll need to protect your budget while doing so. This is where Madgicx’s automation tools come in.

Madgicx provides automation tactics in the form of templates so that you can scale ad spend when your ads are performing well and avoid overspending on underperforming ads.

Moreover, with Madgicx’s Autonomous Budget Optimizer, you can set your budget monitoring to autopilot across your entire ad account, scaling your ads while:

   •    Saving hours of manual budget optimization

   •    Avoiding human errors

   •    Clearing away time to focus on other aspects of your business

Madgicx formula - step 3: targeting

With automations running your account on autopilot, you can turn your attention to discovering and testing new audiences with Audience Studio.

Here you can build powerful acquisition prospecting audiences and add them to your full-funnel targeting strategy.

Madgicx formula - step 4: creatives

Creatives get attention from your ideal prospects. The ad copy is your chance to provide the necessary context to close the sale. This is why you need to understand what creatives and ad copy resonate with your audience.

Creatives are the name of the game on Facebook, especially after the iOS update. The thing is, if your creatives aren't of high quality, your ads will tank, and no media-buying trick can save you. So you need to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Creative Insights shows you which creative formats you should produce more of and helps identify scalable and overspending ads you can optimize. With this tool, you can gain crucial insights for future ad production and creative testing and deliver them to your creative team.

Get a rapid overview of your ad copy performance with Ad Copy Insights to spot missed opportunities and see which advertising messaging best resonates with your audience.

Don’t have your own creative design team?

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Madgicx formula - step 5: report

When you have got all of your ad strategy set up and running, you need a dashboard from which you can monitor the performance. 

One-Click Report allows you to save yourself hours of data compilation work to make better marketing decisions faster.

Get your dream marketing analytics dashboard with ready-to-use templates created by Madgicx’s pro media buyers based on their $100M+ ad spend management experience. The templates contain all the crucial KPIs you need to track across ad channels and are also customizable.

Madgicx formula - step 6: repeat

Your ad account will need to adapt and evolve and adapt over time, just like your business needs to stay competitive. This is why you need to keep repeating the steps above to keep optimizing your ad account.

One of the biggest mistakes of FB advertisers is that they only do the steps above once, treating it as a “set it and forget it” one-time action. You need to treat these as a never-ending cycle: auditing, optimizing, testing, and repeating.

The blunt truth is that if you don't audit every once in a while, optimize based on your insights, and run tests again, you won't succeed with FB ads.

Create a full-funnel strategy

Learn how to choose the best audiences to launch, define budgets, and select ads for each.

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