Which ad types does Madgicx support?

Madgicx supports regular image and video ads across the entire platform, but special ad types (such as carousels and dynamic ads) are supported differently across our tools.

Learn about ad types supported for the following actions:

  • Ad performance analysis
  • Relaunching existing ads
  • Creating new ads

Performance analysis - supported ad types

As for analysis, Madgicx supports regular image and video ads, carousel ads, DPA (AKA Meta Advantage+ catalog ads), and DCO ads. All ads that belong to these types are analyzed by our tools: Creating Insights and Ad Copy Insights.

In the format analysis widget on Creative Insights, for DCO, we pick the creative type and allocate it accordingly. For example, if the DCO ad contains an image, we allocate the data insights to the "Image". If it has a video, we analyze which kind of video it is and put it into short/middle/long category.

Relaunching existing ads - supported ad types

The Madgicx Ad Launcher allows you to relaunch regular image, video, and carousel ads into existing ad sets. However, it doesn’t support relaunching DCO ads because it's harder to control and analyze their performance.

This is because DCO allows you to put up to 10 images or videos (creatives) into one ad and let it run. Facebook then decides which creative to pick automatically. This means less control because you can't pause one creative and let others run without making changes to the ad. i.e., if you run DCO ads, there can only be one DCO ad for the entire ad set.

However, you can reuse creatives that were previously used in DCO ads and launch them as non-DCO ads. These creatives will appear in Creative Clusters, and from there, you can pair them with your favorite copy and launch them into an ad set of your choice.

For DPA, when you connect your product catalog, create a product set out of it, and run it dynamically, it is populated automatically, and you aren’t able to specify what to show in which ad. i.e., you have products (e.g., accessories), which you narrow down into a product set (e.g., sunglasses), and launch an ad but don’t know which individual product (e.g., pair of sunglasses) will be shown.

Facebook dynamically shows models to different users, considering the ones who might be interested in the specific product (item). This is why Madgicx is unable to show a preview in Ad Launcher (instead, you see “Store collection (name of collection)”).

Creating new ads

In the Ad Launcher, you can also create brand new ads using the "New Ads" tab or by clicking the "Create New Ads" button. Madgicx allows you to create regular image and video ads and MTO ads. However, you can't create carousel ads, DPA, or DCO ads in the ad creation tool at the moment.

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