Geo & Demo Insights gives you a visual overview for rapid insight into where you should reallocate budget to improve your advertising ROI. You can find it in the menu on the 360° Meta Audit page.

See where to reallocate budget 👀

Get a rapid overview of which countries and regions are performing well (or not) and make decisions based on this information to reallocate advertising spend away from regions with lower returns and towards those with higher ROAS.

As always, set the time frame and KPI that you want to see data for.

Set date range and KPI on Geo and Demo Insights.

The “Wasted Spend” pie chart in the top left gives us an immediate indication of where there is room for improvement in our budget allocation. By excluding underperforming countries, we can improve our chosen KPI. This is where the map comes in.

The red-colored areas on the map are those locations where your ads are currently underperforming. You could potentially exclude these countries from your targeting to avoid overspending.

The green-colored areas are performing well, so you can scale them by launching more ad sets targeting these countries. This is a great opportunity to increase your revenue.

Click on countries to zero in on specific regions for laser-focused targeting insights so that you can alter budget reallocation to specific areas that are performing better. This means that you can get valuable insights from this feature whether you advertise nationally or internationally.

For example, in the first screenshot showing France above, we could exclude advertising to France which has the lowest ROAS of 7.36. As a result, the budget previously spent there would be allocated to green Romania with a higher ROAS, giving us a better return.

Respond to current geographical trends 🌍

The “Trending Countries” widget tells you which countries have the biggest improvement in performance over the last 7 days, or whichever time frame you’ve selected.  This helps keep you attuned to opportunities when a new country starts positively responding to your ads. Moreover, you can pause ads in countries where the performance has dropped.

Trending countries widget.

See all locations 👀

At the top left of the map, you can click on the “See All Locations” button to view the full list of countries and regions you advertise to with more details of each’s performance. By looking at your locations this way, you can compare each location by up to 5 editable metrics.

All locations performance in Geo & Demo Insights.

You can analyze all tiers together or one by one, and you can sort your results by GDP per capita. This helps you determine whether you should start or stop advertising in any of these places.

Scale internationally 📈

See which regions of the world where you can scale your ads to boost your ROAS. Use international scaling to give you better strategic oversight of scaling opportunities according to spending power split into 5 tiers, with "Top country" being the highest-spend country in your account.

Top country under scale internationally.

Uncover demographic performance 🔎

Pinpoint specific age groups and genders within your advertising audience, assess the performance of ads for these segments, and tweak your ad strategies.

☝️ For this eCommerce business, we see that the ROAS for females aged 18–24 is low compared to the other age categories, but the spend on this audience is quite significant.

So here we could look at excluding this underperforming female audience segment and even think about how we can gear our ads to make them more appealing to male audiences aged 18–44. Doing so would improve the CTR and — with the high ROAS figures we see in the table above — we can suppose that this would lead to more purchases.

Compare results for different languages 🌐

See how your ads are doing amongst speakers of different languages and learn whether it is worth launching ads tailored for specific language speakers. 

In the “Language” widget above, we can see that our ads are performing well for German speakers yet ±90% of the ads are in English. Here we could scale our ads for German speakers and even experiment by launching new ads in German to see whether this boosts conversions and compare performance versus ads in English.

Know your demographic and region to target?

Head to the Audience Launcher to start new campaigns, ad sets, and ads

Difference with Facebook Ads Manager

Geo & Demo insights makes you a better media buyer because it saves you time with data views that are not shown in Facebook Ad Manager.

Facebook Ads Manager Madgicx
Table form Data visualization
Manual compilation Data unification
Black and white Color-grading
No tier segmentation Segmentation by tier
No mention of GDP per capita Sorting by GDP per capita
Only current performance Trend reporting
No uplilft calculation Potential uplift calculation
Boost your Geo and Demo Insights

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