Turn creative ideas into powerful ads with Sparkle

The design process is simplified with Sparkle because you can:

  • Outsource creative services to a professional team
  • Expect your design in 48 hours
  • Get unlimited revisions until you’re happy with your ad
  • Brief the Sparkle team directly from the Madgicx app

The iOS14 update changed the landscape of how advertisers capture their audiences. As a result, this has put impactful and memorable ad creative at the forefront of overcoming this challenge. Furthermore, how you present your brand to potential customers determines how they engage with it, and users don’t tolerate poorly designed ads. 

This is where Sparkle comes in.

Get unlimited graphics and videos for a flat monthly fee

As you know, the Madgicx team are Facebook ad experts. Sparkle, found inside Madgicx, is a paid add-on offering creative design services straight out of the app geared for ad creation. Sparkle’s goal is to reduce the time and money spent by advertisers and business owners on managing the creative process. 

No more expensive design teams when you can outsource this service at the click of a button. Sparkle helps you gain a competitive edge with engaging ad designs tailored to your brand.

Furthermore, it’s so easy to use and you can try it for free for 7 days before you buy. 

Once you submit a request from the app - you can do this in multiple ways which we’ll cover below - you can track the progress of your design request and ask for revisions in the Sparkle tool. Once your ad is ready, you can click to launch it in Madgicx too. 

Let’s see how to do it. First, before anything else, you’ll need to sign up for the free trial to be able to see the full value that Sparkle has to offer. 

Request a design straight from the app

When following the Madgicx Creative Workflow, you can browse ads from brands and businesses in the Ad Library and send a design request straight to Sparkle. Inside the brief will be the ad you chose, along with your notes, any additional links, and your selected brand kit. 

Gone are the days of managing multiple freelancers or an entire creative team and the dance required to make them all work together seamlessly. 

You can also request a design from the Creative Insights and Sparkle tools. These are accessible from the main Madgicx menu, which we’ll be going through below.

Madgicx menu with all the places highlighted where you can send a brief to Sparkle.

Lastly, you can launch ads straight from Madgicx or Meta Ads Manager. We’ll explain how to do this further down.

Send a brief from the Ad Library

So, you’re browsing the Ad Library… see an ad you like… when you hover over it you’ll see the ✨ icon. 

Madgicx Ad Library with the Sparkle button highlighted at the top right of the ad you're hovering over.

Click on it to open up the Sparkle brief, where you can give us more info.

Sparkle brief popup.

To send a brief, type in what you want to promote, enter your store URL, and click ‘Next’ to send it. Now you can sit back and wait for your design, which should be ready within 48 hours.

Then, you can find all your design tasks and where to handle revisions on the Sparkle page.

Sparkle app page where you can track and manage your tasks.

As soon as your design is approved, it’ll be uploaded to your Meta Media Library to use in ads. Then, you can launch it straight from Madgicx or from Meta Ads Manager. 

Or, you can download it.

Brief Sparkle from Creative Insights

If you visit the Creative Insights page, you may see that there is a missing ad format from your account. If this is the case, you’ll see the ‘Missing format’ message under the missing ad format type. Below this is a purple ‘Request Design’ button with our ✨ icon, which you can click to send a brief to Sparkle. 

Sparkle button highlighted on the Creative Insights page.

Once you click the button, a brief popup will appear where you can tell us about what you want to advertise and provide a link to your website. Then click ‘Next.’

Sparkle brief popup.

Your brief will be sent and will now appear in the Sparkle tool under your ‘Opened’ briefs.

Sparkle page showing open briefs.

Brief a design from the Sparkle tool

Say you’re flowing with ideas, or you want something other than an ad designed, you can send a brief anytime from the Sparkle page… as long as you’ve started your free trial or have upgraded your plan.

Note: Sparkle does everything from social media posts and ads to GIFs and video content, NFTs, animation, email design, graphic design for digital and print, illustration, packaging design, and other marketing collateral. If it needs to look amazing, we will do it 🪄

Click on ‘Create Task’ to open the brief popup.

Sparkle page with the 'Create Task' button highlighted to start a new brief.

Here, add more details about what you want Sparkle to design. 

Then, name your request and add a description of what you want created. Next, select the Brand kit and set the priority level of the task. The priority level of your brief is relevant when you are submitting multiple tasks as it tells us which one is most important to work on first. You can have 3 open briefs at the same time so setting this priority makes sure we are aligned.

You can drag and drop or upload any visual references to the brief under ‘Attachments.’

Sparkle design request popup page.

Then click the ‘Save’ button - you can always come back to edit it later.

Add your unique style and upload your brand kit

A vital part of the creative process is making the design your own! You can upload your brand kit to ensure your final designs have your logo, fonts, colors, icons, and even your best wording to use. This is to ensure we capture the essence of your brand in the creatives we design.

Here’s how to add your brand kit. Click on ‘Add Brandkit’ in the Brand Kit dropdown menu on the Sparkle page, like in the image below. 

'Add Brandkit' button highlighted under Brand Kits in the Sparkle page menu.

The ‘Create Brand Kit’ page will appear, where you can enter all the information about your brand so we have a clear idea of who you are and what you do.

The more information you share with us, the better so that you’re happy with your final design.

You should add a name for the brand kit, add your website link, and choose which industry from the dropdown. Then, you can tell us more about your target audience, ideal client demographics, interests, and behaviors. These details help us craft designs that resonate with them.

Lastly, we need your competitor links so we can look for trends and analyze what is working in your industry. You can copy and paste them here and add as many as you like.

Create Brand Kit page with all the details highlighted that should be detailed.

Below this, we have the ‘Visual & Media’ section, where you can upload all the visual elements for your brand, like your logo in different versions, icons, and fonts. You can add your brand color hex codes (without the #) and should add between 4 and 7 for best results. If you have brand music, you can upload it too.

Now we get to the ‘Content Info’ section, where you can help us understand your brand messaging. You should include slogans, taglines, or catchphrases that you use regularly in your marketing. Be sure to include any specific copy that you want in your design.

Then, below this, you can add your top product links under ‘Visual References.’

Content Info on the Add Brand kit page with sections highlighted where  to add info.

Once you’ve added your products, you should check that you’re happy with everything you’ve entered. Then, scroll back to the top of the screen and click the orange ‘Accept’ button to save your kit.

Ta-da! Should you wish to add another kit, simply click ‘Add Brandkit’ again and repeat the process. 

Now, you’re all set to send a new brief. 

Manage tasks and work with our designers

You can easily manage your tasks and collaborate with your dedicated Sparkle designer on the Sparkle page. Here you can track your creative briefs, see their status, download the finished artwork, and send more design requests.

You can change the status of your task if you want a design revision, cancel the request, or if you’re happy with the creative, you can set it as ‘Completed’.

How to change the status of your task.

In addition, you can edit or cancel the task by clicking on the kebab menu (the vertical three dots icon).

Three dot menu highlighted showing how to edit or cancel the task.

If you click ‘Edit the task,’ you can change the description text. You can switch to the ‘Chat’ and ‘Files’ sections by clicking the tab menu where ‘Description’ is highlighted.

Sparkle design request page with the 'Desctiption' field highlighted.

The ‘Chat’ section is where you can discuss the work with the designer, and ‘Files’ is where you will find your finished creatives.

How to export your designs

You can easily download your freshly designed creatives straight from the ‘Files’ tab on the task.

Open design request with 'Files' section highlighted where you can download your finished artwork.

A ‘Download’ icon will appear if you hover over the file to export your design. Or, you can launch directly from Madgicx if it’s creative for an ad. Just click on the Madgicx icon instead.

Hover over the file to see the download button.

There you go! You’re ready to launch.

Launch your ads - either from the FB Ads Manager or directly from Madgicx

Now that you’ve got sparkly new ad creative, you can launch your ad directly from Madgicx in a couple of clicks.

First, find your file and click on the Madgicx icon.

File showing the 'Launch via Madgicx' icon when you hover over it.

A popup will appear where you can select which ad account to launch from.

Popup asking which ad account to select.

Sparkle will upload the creative to your ad account library, and you can launch the ad from the ‘Ad Creation’ tool in the ‘Ad Launcher.’ Click the ‘Open Ads Creation’ link to open it up.

Confirmation screen showing that your creative has been uploaded to the selected ad account.

You’ll notice your new creative is automatically uploaded into the Image Library, and you just need to complete the ad details in the highlighted block below.

Once you’ve chosen your creative elements and confirmed your ad settings, click on the ‘Select Ads’ button.

Ad details to complete highlighted on the left with a pointer to the ad creative on the right.

Now you’ll need to select your new ad and click on the ‘Select Existing Ad Sets’ button.

Ad Launcher screen with the ad selected.

On the next screen, you can choose which ad sets to launch your new ad into and set the launch schedule.

Select assets screen with the list of ad sets highlighted where you can launch your new ad as well as where you can set the publishing date.

Once you’ve made your selection, you can hit the ‘Launch’ button. 

Alternatively, you can do this manually through Meta Ads Manager as well, as your design will be accessible there too. 

There you have it, from creative ideas to campaign launches in one place. 

Try out Sparkle for free for 7 days.

Choose a Sparkle package to suit your creative needs

Sparkle offers three levels of service:

Sparkle service packages on offer.
  • Only Graphics: $333/mo.

Meet your everyday design needs, from ads to social media posts and more.

  • Sparkle Auto Ads: $399/mo.

Get 4 ads every month - graphics, videos, or both.

  • Unlimited Graphics + Videos: $777/mo.

Access all types of creatives to level up your brand - from GIFs to motion graphics.

Sign up for a trial and get 7 days free.

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