The Madgicx settings panel explained

In this article, we explain how to navigate the Madgicx settings panel, where you can:

  • Manage your connected ad accounts 
  • Change your subscription and add more products
  • See your billing history and edit your payment method
  • Customize your user profile

Navigate the Madgicx settings panel ⚙️

The settings panel allows you to customize your Madgicx account to suit your preferences. You can find it by clicking on the cog icon near the bottom of the Madgicx menu. 

The settings panel cog icon in the main menu.

The settings panel is where you can take charge of your ad accounts, monitor your monthly plan usage, oversee your subscription and products, manage billing information, and update your user profile.

When you click "Settings" in the menu, it opens a sub-menu like in the image below. At the top, where the blue square is, you’ll find your user profile name, your profile pic, and your user ID.

In the red box below, you’ll find the menu tabs to access each section of the settings panel: 

  • Ad Accounts
  • Products & Usage
  • Payments
  • Become a Madgicx Partner
  • Refer a Friend

Below this, you can toggle dark and light mode and log out.

The submenu the shows after clicking the settings icon in the main menu.


Let’s click on Ad Accounts, and a page will open where you’ll see the same submenu as in the image below. The "Team members" tab is not available yet but will be coming soon! 

The tab menu on the Settings page for Ad accounts, Products & Usage, Payments, and User Profile.

Manage your ad accounts

The settings panel opens on the "Ad accounts" page by default. On this page, you can add or remove both Facebook and Google ad accounts, view all your connected ad accounts organized by platform, and reauthenticate your accounts in case they become disconnected.

How to add a Facebook ad account

Adding a Facebook ad account is straightforward! Click on the “Add Facebook Account” button at the top right of the screen.

Furthermore, should your Facebook account disconnect, you can reconnect it by clicking on the “Reauthenticate” button located next to the “Add Facebook Account” button.

Add or reauthenticate a Facebook account buttons are highlighted and the connected Facebook Ad Accounts details are highlighted.

In addition, if you’ve already added an account, you will find a detailed breakdown of the connected Facebook ad accounts in Madgicx, including your setup details for each account. These include default audience exclusions, your name stamp (for whitelabeling purposes), the Pixel used, and any integrations you’ve added. Then, to the right, you’ll see the Facebook and Instagram Pages linked to that ad account. 

You’ll also find the amount spent over the last 30 days in the next column, followed by the account type: E-commerce, Lead Generation, or Mobile App.

The dropdown menu of campaign objectives you can set with E-commerce chosen.

Lastly, you’ll find the column with your time zone details and the delete button.

Now, we will walk you through adding a Facebook account from scratch.

When you click on the “Add Facebook Account” button, a new window will pop up that looks like the image below. 

Screen showing the 'Add to Plan' button to add an additional Facebook Ad Account to your subscription. It also shows the Madgicx subscription, new billing summary once the account is added, and the current billing summary.

Initially, you'll encounter a list of your linked ad accounts on Facebook. This list provides details like your ad account access status (green means you have access, red means you don’t), monthly ad spend in the ad account’s currency, the equivalent in US dollars, and whether the account is covered by your current plan.

To include an ad account in your Madgicx subscription, click the "Add to plan" button.

Beneath this, your existing plan particulars will be displayed on the left, while the proposed changes, based on your selections, will be on the right. This section will indicate any extra additions you've made to your account beyond your current plan.

Finally, you’ll see a summary of the extra ad accounts and their relevant costs.

Click “Save” once you are happy with your selection.

How to add a Google ad account

Fortunately, adding a Google ad account to your Madgicx account is just as simple. You can simply click “Add Google Account.”

A red arrow pointing to the 'Add Google Account' button.


Then, a new window will appear where you can select the Google ad account from a drop-down menu, then select the Facebook account associated with this Google ad account if it’s not already connected. 

Next, specify the business name and define the default Google URL in the text fields below.

The Select Google Ads account screen showing dropdown menu where where you choose the ad account to connect, then the associated Facebook Ad Account, the text field where you provide the business name, and then the default URL used for Google.

Click “Next” once you’re happy with your selection. 

Now, choose your logo files in both square and landscape formats. You can drag and drop or upload them by clicking the “Upload” button. We recommend you check the file requirements in the gray text below the “Upload” button to ensure you have no trouble uploading your logos.

The 'Choose Assets' screen where you can drag and drop the logo files or upload them to your account.

Upload requirements:

  • Square logo

Minimum size: 128x128px

Aspect ratio: 1:1

Recommended size: 1200x1200px

  • Landscape logo

Minimum size: 512x128px

Aspect ratio: 4:1

Recommended size: 1200x300px

  • Transparent background and centered
  • File format: .JPEG or .PNG
  • Size limit: 5MB

Congratulations! You are now ready to use Madgicx to optimize your Google Ads!

Manage your subscription and products

When you click on the “Products & Usage” tab, you’ll see the screen below where you can upgrade or change your plan, connect or remove ad accounts, and manage your subscription. 

The Settings screen with the Products & Usage tab highlighted.

Then, you will see the “Add-Ons” section where you can include any Madgicx Add-Ons to your plan and view recommended ones to enhance your overall ad account performance. You can edit your Add-On subscription by clicking the “Change Add-On plan” button.

The 'Add-Ons' section showing One Cilck Report and an arrow pointing to the 'Change Add-On plan' button. Below that is a list of Recommended Add-Ons.

Keep track of your payments and billing details đź’¸

If you click on the “Payments” tab, you’ll see a section called “Billing History” and find a list of all your account transactions, the products included in the payment, and the status of the transactions.

You can easily download your receipt by clicking the download icon in the Receipt column. Furthermore, if you have a credit, it’ll appear at the top right corner of the screen.

The Settings screen with an arrow pointing to the Payments tab and displaying a list of transactions below. An arrow is pointing to the Receipt column on the right where you can download your documents..

In addition, you can manage your payment methods in the section below the Billing History. You can add multiple payment methods with your primary card set as the default.

Below this, you’ll find the “Billing Information” section that you can edit by clicking the “Edit” button to the right of the screen.


The Payment method section with the 'Add payment method button highlights and an arrow pointing to the Edit button where you can change your billing information.


Manage your user profile 🧑‍💻

Finally, the last clickable tab is where you can manage your user profile settings. Here is where you can see the Facebook profile connected to your Madgicx account and another place where you can find your Madgicx user ID. 

Below this section, you can define the top 3 metrics most relevant to your ad accounts that you defined during the signup process. But if you haven’t defined them already, you can set them or change them here. Setting these means they will be the default metrics shown in the Madgicx analytics tools. 

The Settings screen with an arrow showing the User Profile tab selected in the menu and another showing the Edit User Info button on the right. Below that is where you can define your Top-3 metrics Madgicx should include in the analytics tools.

And that’s it! Ensuring all these settings are correct will help you get the most out of your Madgicx subscription.

Lastly, if you’re enjoying the Madgicx experience, you can refer a friend or join our affiliate program if you have a network. You can do this by clicking on “Refer a Friend” and “Become a Madgicx Partner” in the settings submenu accessed from the main menu.

The submenu that shows after clicking the Settings cog on main menu with the Refer a Friend and Become a Madgicx Partner tabs highlighted.



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