Basic technical checks - general account issues

Here at Madgicx, we understand that learning and implementing a new platform for your business can be a challenging learning curve. To help you smoothen the transition, we have created this checklist of common issues, so that you can deal with problems as soon as they arise. We want to ensure that your new ad account is set up for success and you feel empowered to use the full power of Madgicx.

Refer to the section of the Madgicx app you're having trouble with and find a quick solution to your issue. If the issue persists, or if you are struggling to figure out the solution, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the chat. 👏

Basic checks: account settings

For any issues related to accessing or controlling your account, try these fixes in 'settings' -> 'Ad Accounts':

  • Ensure you have set the correct ad account type: choose either E-commerce, Lead Generation, or Mobile App. These categories help Madgicx choose the correct metrics for your ad account.
  • Make sure you have connected the correct pixel and Facebook/Instagram pages: Find your ad account and set your pixel and pages.
  • Re-authenticate your account: this helps sync the changes you’ve made with Madgicx.
  • If your issue persists after these initial checks, try closing and re-opening the browser.
  • Please ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome. Many advanced programs have issues on outdated browser versions.

Adding Facebook accounts

  • We currently do not have a way for you to link two Madgicx accounts on your own, but we can happily do it for you! You should send us the other account's user ID and email address through the support chat, and we'll notify you when you are connected.
  • If you are logged in to Madgicx through Shopify, you cannot add more than one ad account. You can work around this by resubscribing on a new account directly on Madgicx, using the same email, and we can transfer your plan to the new account. 😀

Changing your password

  • If you are logged in to Madgicx through Facebook or Shopify, you can not change your Madgicx password. If you want to change your password, you should do that through your Facebook or Shopify account.
  • If you change your Facebook password, you should reauthenticate your connection with Madgicx. Follow this step-by-step guide to do this and update your new account information.

Instagram & Facebook Page connection issues

Automation Tactics

Something wrong with your tactics?

  • Please note that our preset automation tactics (Stop Loss, Revive, Surf & Sunsetting) can only work on acquisition assets. You can, of course, apply automation tactics to your retargeting and retention campaigns by creating a custom tactic. Check out this step-by-step guide on custom tactics for detailed instructions.  
  • Stop Loss, Revive, and Surf are daily tactics. That means that they reset to their original settings every day: at midnight or at an hour you choose.  
  • The 'reset' function will reset the original budget, according to your desired time.
  • Removing a campaign, ad set, or ad from a tactic list will disable the auto-add function. Meaning, the tactic will no longer work automatically on this asset.
  • Only campaigns or ad sets that are currently delivering will appear on the tactics list. So, if your campaign is currently inactive, the tactics you've applied for it will not appear on the tactics list.

Ad Launcher/Ad Creation

Wondering why you can’t see your ads? Please follow these basic checks:

  • Extend the time range on the top right-hand side. The ads might be out of your selected range.
  • Search by ad or post ID. If you are looking for a specific ad, click the ‘search by ID’ button on the top of the ads tab, and enter the ad ID number.
  • Madgicx does not currently support DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) ads.
  • DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) might appear different in the Madgicx preview. But don’t worry: when you launch the ad, it will look exactly like you meant it to.
  • If you set an automatic exclusion audience, know that it will only work from the time you set it and forward. It will not change existing campaigns.
  • Setting a name stamp will only affect new creations.

General tips:

  • When launching lead form ads, make sure that you choose leads as the campaign's objective.
  • The ad data that appears in the ad picker is a calculated average performance of all copies of the specific ad, so it will not show the same data as ads on Facebook ads manager.
  • If you set a launch to a specific time with Madgicx, and it seems like nothing is happening, fear not: the software will generate turned-off assets that will turn on at the selected time.
  • Using the Optimize Structure option will launch your ad set in the already existing campaigns within Madgicx, which are organized by Acquisition, Reengagement, retargeting, and retention.


These are the most common issues people might have with the Madgicx platform: as you can see, most have an easy solution, and if not, you can always shoot us a message on chat support and we’ll work it out together.

Hopefully, these tips will make you a little more confident as you start working with Madgicx and discovering its capabilities.

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