How to connect Madgicx with HYROS

Step 1 - Enter settings

First, log into your HYROS account, and click on “Settings” in the left menu. 

Go to Hyros settings

Step 2 - Copy API key

In the "Profile" tab, scroll down until you see your API key. That’s the code that will allow Madgicx to access your HYROS data.

Use the “Copy API Key” button to copy it to your clipboard.

Copy Hyros API key

Step 3 - Add integration

Next, head back to the Madgicx settings page and click the “+ Add integrations” button.

Add integrations in Madgicx

A window will appear. Scroll down and click the 3 dots. 

Finding HYROS integration in Madgicx

 Then click the “+ Connect button” under HYROS.

Connecting HYROS in Madgicx

 Paste the API key that you copied from HYROS into the field and click “Save”.

The tab where the HYROS key is entered.

Step 4 - Double-check integration

That’s it! You have successfully connected your HYROS account to Madgicx 🎉

Make sure the HYROS symbol appears in the “Integrations” field. This means the integration is now active. 

If you’d like to edit the key, you can click on the HYROS symbol to do so.

The Integration section is shown along with the current active Integrations

You can now access your HYROS insights in all Madgicx tools: Facebook Dashboard, Automation Tactics, and even Audience Studio.  

An example of all the HYORS insights shown when HYROS is successfully integrated

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