I can't see my Facebook catalogs on Madgicx

If you can’t see your Facebook catalogs on Madgicx, this may be because you are not a business admin for your Facebook ad account. 

If you’re not a business admin, you can ask your admin to add catalogs to your account, requesting they follow the instructions below.

Go to Facebook Business Settings and select the Facebook ad account you want to grant permissions to.

On the top left, select “Users” and then click on “People”.

 Select the person you want to add manage-catalogs permissions or search for them in the search bar at the top.

 When you have selected the person you want to add manage-catalogs permissions for, click on the “Add Assets” button

 In the pop-up window under “Asset Type”, select “Catalogs” and then choose the catalog(s).

 Give Full admin permissions to the person, and click “Save Changes”. 

Go back to Madgicx Settings and click “Reauthenticate”.

 If this didn't solve your issue, reach out to Madgicx's support team via our chat and ask us to manually reset your catalogs.

Shopify Users: Make sure your catalogue is both on Shopify and Facebook, or Madgicx will not have access to view that catalog.

If you don’t have catalogs set up, you will have to create a new catalog. 

How to create a new catalog

Head to the Facebook Commerce Manager and click “+ Add Catalog”.

Select the catalog type: the type should match the product/service you sell. Some of the options also have subcategories to make your selection more precise.

Then configure your catalog settings by adding details about your product/service. You can manually upload the information or connect to a partner platform like Shopify to automatically import items to Facebook.

Select the catalog owner and give it a name, then click “Create”.

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